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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Founded in 1976, Gutman, Mintz, Baker & Sonnenfeldt, P.C. continues to provide its clients with unparalleled legal representation in all areas of real estate litigation. The firm specializes in many areas of litigation including landlord-tenant proceedings, debt recovery, bankruptcy, Supreme Court matters and hearings in Administrative Tribunals, to name a few.

With over twenty attorneys and a staff of approximately 75 individuals, the firm can prepare and monitor cases from the inception to conclusion. Our computer system monitors the status of each case, prompting the timely conversion of cases from demand to dispossess, all the way to eviction. An in house process serving company works for the firm exclusively and serves all legal documents throughout the five New York City boroughs as well as Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties. Our attorneys, whether in court or in the office, litigate all relevant issues, without referral to another law firm. The firm strictly monitors the activity of all cases and can expedite evictions through the firm's association with several City Marshals. Similarly, the firm specializes in collection matters, including the recovery of funds following the conclusion of the landlord-tenant relationship.

The firm's clients include a wide range of entities such as major real estate management firms, cooperative and condominium housing companies, Mitchell-Lama developments, Housing Development Fund Corporations, not-for-profit corporations and many small landlords.

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